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We understand how important your credit score is to you and that's why we take our job very seriously. But don't take our word for it, see why hundreds of customers have confirmed that we are the fastest, most trustworthy and honest tradeline credit repair company you can possibly find.

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BoostMyScore - BBB acredited 484+ Real Reviews

You can rely on the first and only tradeline company to be Accredited with the BBB, and with an A+ satisfaction rating.

We change lives

The difference between having a good or a bad credit score is truly life changing. It is the difference between dreaming about financial freedom and living financially free... between growing your wealth or growing someone else's.

Read for yourself what it means to our customers:

I got approved for a Loan for the first time in years!

Thanks Tommy! The customer service over there at BoostMyScore is Outstanding!!! I have been on the low side of credit for years. I just didn't understand credit so I used it in the wrong manner not taking care of it. Well after speaking with you, Heather, and even meeting Carlos my Credit Scores have changed just about overnight. Just last month in March they were 541 EX, 0 EQ and 550 TU Now in April they are 664 EX, 787 EQ and 678 TU. I applied for a $12k Loan and got APPROVED!! I even have credit consultants wanting to know how can they get there hands on such high and mighty Tradelines LOL This is great!! It may not seem like much but this is just the beginning I haven't been approved for any loans in YEARS!! The most important thing. I want people to know is the Customer Service is AWESOME!!! Tommy helped me and answered me every time I called and help me to better understand my situation and the possibilities of having a Better Fico Score and it is already Working!!

I was overwhelmingly satisfied with the results

Hands down BOOSTMYSCORE is the best with providing trade lines on time and with superior and knowledgeable customer service. They have the options and variety you need for any credit objective. I have used BOOSTMYSCORE and was overwhelmingly satisfied with the results. Also I took advantage of there referral program and everyone I have referred all have had the same experience. Choose boostmyscore.com if you want your money to work for you. Its the best investment you can make if you need a credit boost.

Can't believe its real

After a lot of researches and because of the good reviews , I have chosen this web site , very nice stuff , special thanks to Tommy , now I have my score boost to 760 and able to get my own cc , that's why I'm leaving my review so other people can know that it's real.

Using BoostMyScore for all my Clients

As a MLO, I have referred individual borrowers to obtain authorized user accounts if they are just shy of the required score to obtain a new home. As a result, my clients have been very satisfied with the process and would rather purchase authorized user accounts as opposed to entering into a credit restoration program. The staff at BoostMyScore have also been very responsive, courteous and helpful in regards to determining what each individual customers' needs in detail for card accounts.

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly

Dear Tommy and Heather, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by BoostMyScore, and with the two of you in particular. Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds most agencies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day. My scores went up an average of 50 points! I have recommended BMS to everyone I know! I will be getting another card next month as well! Thanks Again Tommy and Heather

I am speechless

Despite the fact that I am typing this email, I am really speechless! Today is actually my birthday so I just pulled my credit report again - and just received the greatest birthday gift ever! I attached two before and after screen shots of my credit score when I started my journey on 10/21/2011. In October is when I paid all of my past due accounts but only noticed a few point increase. Then three weeks later I took a chance and paid Heather to add me on two cards at a total cost of 1600. Within two weeks my credit score had jumped 120 points!!! I am still not sure of how much credit they deserve as versus how much I should receive for paying off the old accounts, but the one thing that is for sure is I did not get a jump like this until I added those to cards from Heather. Me being the risk taker that I am contacted Heather again and paid for another card that had a 25,000 credit limit on it (at a cost of 1100) on December 3rd. My increase from the first two cards had my credit score showing 679 Experian, 647 Transunion, 610 Equifax. As of this morning my score is 690 Experian, 690 Tranunion, 660 Equifax!!!!!!!!!!!! I have attached proof in a screen shot as well as you can login to my credit report to verify. BoostMyScore is the real Freakin’ Deal. I would not recommend a scam to my family and friends, they never over promised but they far exceeded what they were willing to guarantee. I not only endorse Heather Latimer but she has earned 100% of my trust. Not only are we going after the 90 charge account at the Auto Auction but Ronelle has now contacted her colleagues at Freddy Mac about Multi family 100% financing loan for a 18 unit apartment complex in Slidell Louisiana. We now have options! Thank you Heather and you can quote me on every word of this testimonial because you have earned every word of this testimonial.


My phone won't stop ringing

I wanted to let you know how truly Great your program is. All the clients I referred are extremely satisfied and now my phone won't stop ringing. Please continue to provide the great customer support like we have received from Tommy and all of your staff and I'm sure you will have continued success in the future!

Armondo, ABK Financial Services

My mortgage broker says he’s never seen such a large jump in credit score in such a short time.

I entered into a real estate contract thinking my credit score was fine but was stunned when the bank denied my loan. My scores were in the 630s because I do not keep any credit cards, so I signed up for three AU accounts from BoostMyScore. The first card hit two weeks later and brought my middle score up to 693! The second account showed up on Experian yesterday, increasing that score to 730. My mortgage broker says he's never seen such a large jump in credit score in such a short time. My application has now been submitted to the loan processor and we're waiting to hear back. If I had to do it over, I would have changed only one thing: I would've signed up 30 days sooner so that I would've had enough time for the third card to hit. Who knows what rate I might have received?

Rich S., Chicago IL

What happens after the Sale puts BoostMyScore in a class above the rest

Hi Tommy, Thank you for your hard work and efforts and to all of you who fixed my situation promptly. I am very pleased with the level of customer service that I've received from you and all of the wonderful individuals at Boostmyscore.net. Besides, good customer service is not what happens during a sale but rather after the sale. Obviously, this is what puts Boostmyscore.net in a class above the rest. Furthermore, I really enjoyed Bill's level of concern, which in itself, is unheard of, given the fact that he owns the company and took time to claim ownership of this issue and personally sort to resolve it while vacationing with his family during the Memorial Day weekend. I must say that gesture was rather priceless in every sense of the word. Again, thank you Tommy, Heather and all parties involved but most of all, a special thank you to Bill. I now consider all of you part of my extended family.

Henry, Las Vegas, NV

BoostMyScore has been the life preserver I so desperately needed

Bill, WOW! This was such a worthy investment, and I can say that because I am seeing it actually working - I'm sure you get that all the time! I really am pleased with the results. Those cards you recommended have done the trick, and now I want more to boost myself even higher! Even if I can only do one card at a time - I need these types of results to establish myself again without being forced to over pay the shark loan rates offered through subprime bank products. At one point, I was forced to give up my home in LA as a result of being tricked into a “toxic mortgage,” and because of relocation, I need to get a new home, a nice credit card for security, and a small business loan to jumpstart my transition. I want my score to be even higher. In short, I put myself at rock bottom in order to start over the right way. With clean credit, I can maneuver. So it is the priority. I really do appreciate all of your help, Bill. BoostMyScore has been the life preserver I so desperately needed.

Impressed to see the result in such a short period of time

Dear Bill, I must say that I have truly been impressed with what BoostMyScore has done for my family and myself. It is not often that a company provides the type of customer service boostmyscore.com provides as well as the type of integrity BoostMyScore operates with. My wife and I decided to move forward and were very impressed to see the result in such a short period of time. We now look forward to getting back on track as our credit scores improve. Thank you so much for your service and your heart to help people.

The McAfee Family

I was skeptical but now I am so glad that I gave it a try!

Dear Bill, I would just like to say that your service is just wonderful! At first I was a bit skeptical; however, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad that I did! Last month when I checked my credit scores they were in the low 600's. Today when I pulled my credit score they were as follows: EX 725, EQ 703 and TU 694!! Now I can go on to acuire business credit for my business and real estate at a favorable interest rate. Thanks so much and if there is someone I know that is in need of boosting his/her credit score, I will definately recommend your company! Thanks again! Sincerely, W Saale - Tokyo, Japan

W Saale-Tokyo, Japan

I was able to get stuff that's important to me

Once again I want to thank you for assist in building my credit and your advice. Because of your help. I was able to get stuff that's important to me. A new laptop and new glasses which I really need. I would continue to be loyal costumer to you and seek your advice in the future.


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I am recommending your business to all of my clients

Bill, I just wanted to give you a thank you for what you have said to me about your program, everything went exactly as you promised to me, I took a chance with your lines and it reported as you said it would. It is truly a blessing to see something work as people say it should and not be taken by that person. I am recommending your business to all of my clients for tradelines, thanks again Bill.

Ron Davis

The service is TOP NOTCH

The service at Boostmyscore.net is always TOP NOTCH. I couldn't ask for better service, always quick to answer e-mails and boost my score 100 to 200 points! Thank you Bill!

Rob Roe

Couldn’t have bought my new house without your help

Hey Bill, I just wanted to say thank you for your help, couldn’t have bought my new house without your help, my credit score hit the roof thanks to your work. I will be sending u lots of clientele.

Hakan T.

Thank you thank you thank you

Thank you for your excellent service! Thank you thank you thank you!


From mid 600s to 810!!

Hi Tommy, I am very pleased with the result. My FICO was previously in the mid 600s...but after the boost you provided, my FICOs were 810 and 790 on the two credit bureaus I checked. Very impressive! Thank you! I've become kind of the credit guru now among my friends so I will be sending some people your way soon, some people are a little concerned about the price, but I tell them it's worth it... thanks again!


My score is 767!

Hey Tommy, The card is on my account and my score is 767!!!!! Thanks for everything!!!!!! Just referred my friend and a few others. Have a great weekend!


Now I am able to return back home to my kids

Thank you! Well from what I can see with the two cards that have been added I am at 657 (Experian) (I contacted you at 587) so I am anxious for the addition of the third card. Looks like I will be on my way to home ownership and able to return home to my kids sooner than later. I will keep in contact you before the end of my 60 day lease term to arrange for a “re-up” just for stability. At that time, I will also flood the other civilians here in Iraq with your information. Here’s a toast to both of us. Thank you in advance.

Timmesha R.

It went from 597 to 648

Bill, I just wanted to let you know the card showed up on my Experian report today. It went from 597 to 648 thank you sooo much!!

Kentoya B.

I am happy to be a customer

Thank you very much for the timely communications. I really think you have a valuable service and handle things professionally and I am happy to be a customer.

Jason W.

BoostMyScore has surpassed my expectations

My experience with BoostMyScore has surpassed my expectations specially as a small business owner, I feel like this has been one of my best investments. the team at BoostMyScore is friendly, knowledgeable and respectful so thanks! I will encourage others that are seeking help boosting their FICO in a fast and safe manner.

L. Torres, NV

I will definitely be getting me another card

I was writing to let you know that card posted to my reports today resulting in a 40 point jump and an instant FICO score! This service is awesome! I will definitely be getting me another card for March. Thank you so much!


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