Thanks Tommy! The customer service over there at BoostMyScore is Outstanding!!!
I have been on the low side of credit for years. I just didn’t understand credit so
I used it in the wrong manner not taking care of it. Well after speaking with you,
Heather, and even meeting Carlos my Credit Scores have changed just about overnight. Just last month in March they were 541 EX, 0 EQ and 550 TU Now in April they are 664 EX, 787 EQ and 678 TU. I applied for a $12k Loan and got APPROVED!! I even have credit consultants wanting to know how can they get there hands on such high and mighty Tradelines LOL This is great!! It may not seem like much but this is just the beginning I haven’t been approved for any loans in YEARS!! The most important thing. I want people to know is the Customer Service is AWESOME!!! Tommy helped me and answered me every time I called and help me to better understand my situation and the possibilities of having a Better Fico Score and it is already Working!!