Hi Tommy,
Thank you for your hard work and efforts and to all of you who fixed my situation promptly. I am very pleased with the level of customer service that I’ve received from you and all of the wonderful individuals at Boostmyscore.net. Besides, good customer service is not what happens during a sale but rather after the sale. Obviously, this is what puts Boostmyscore.net in a class above the rest. Furthermore, I really enjoyed Bill’s level of concern, which in itself, is unheard of, given the fact that he owns the company and took time to claim ownership of this issue and personally sort to resolve it while vacationing with his family during the Memorial Day weekend. I must say that gesture was rather priceless in every sense of the word. Again, thank you Tommy, Heather and all parties involved but most of all, a special thank you to Bill. I now consider all of you part of my extended family.