WOW! This was such a worthy investment, and I can say that because I am seeing it actually working – I’m sure you get that all the time!

I really am pleased with the results. Those cards you recommended have done the trick, and now I want more to boost myself even higher! Even if I can only do one card at a time – I need these types of results to establish myself again without being forced to over pay the shark loan rates offered through subprime bank products.

At one point, I was forced to give up my home in LA as a result of being tricked into a “toxic mortgage,” and because of relocation, I need to get a new home, a nice credit card for security, and a small business loan to jumpstart my transition. I want my score to be even higher. In short, I put myself at rock bottom in order to start over the right way. With clean credit, I can maneuver. So it is the priority.

I really do appreciate all of your help, Bill. BoostMyScore has been the life preserver I so desperately needed.