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Bill Airy

About the Author:

Bill Airy is the CEO and Founder of BoostMyScore. For over 12 years he has helped American consumers get a second chance at a better financial life by helping them to improve their credit score. He regularly publishes helpful content on this Blog to educate others about Credit Scores and best practices when trying to improve them.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Reseller?

A Reseller is someone running their own small business by acting as an independent retailer selling authorized user tradelines to help others achieve their financial goals by increasing their credit score. The Reseller purchases tradelines from BoostMyScore at a discounted (wholesale) price and re-sells them to their clients for a higher (retail) price, keeping the difference as their profit.

How much money could you make?

The possibilities are endless for the amount of money you can make, because as a Reseller with BoostMyScore you have the flexibility to set your own prices and develop your own business practices.  You can work as hard as you want or as little as you want. You literally write your own paycheck.

What does it cost?

Your initial investment to become a Reseller is only $499 annually. Other than the normal operational costs associated with running an Internet or retail oriented business, that’s it!

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