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Will Removing Negative Information from a Credit Report Build a Positive Credit History?

Will Removing Negative Information from a Credit Report Build a Positive Credit History?

Maintaining a positive credit history can lead to credit approvals for mortgages, apartments, loans and better insurance rates.

However, many people get off to a rocky financial start and may experience turbulence in their financial lives that directly affects their credit standing. It is critical for these people to take a proactive approach to repairing their credit history and credit score as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, simply reporting errors and disputing inaccuracies on your credit report is not enough. To build a positive credit score, your credit report must contain positive credit history. By disputing incorrect negative information contained on your credit report with the credit bureaus, you are only fighting half the battle. To boost your credit score to the premium credit score level, you must have consistent, positive credit history appearing on your credit report.

Removing negative items from your credit report

Taking steps to contact the three credit reporting bureaus to remove any incorrect items contained on your credit report is a crucial first step toward achieving a positive credit score. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion are the three nationwide credit reporting agencies who receive updates from your creditors on a monthly basis. The information received from credit card companies and lenders is analyzed to create your credit score.

You have the right to dispute any incorrect information contained on your credit report and to have that information removed by the credit bureaus. First and foremost, you should know what is in your credit report and what your credit score is. Most negative information, including missed payments, collections, liens and foreclosures, should fall off after seven years.

Building a positive credit history

If you’ve experienced some difficulties with your credit score, you’re not alone. Many people have rebuilt their credit by taking a proactive approach. Making timely monthly payments on all of your bills, maintaining a healthy credit utilization ratio and being strategic about applying for credit or loans are actions that can improve your credit score.

Credit repair is a process. If you develop and maintain positive financial habits, such as paying bills on time each month, you should see an uptick in your credit score over time. As you monitor your credit report and contact credit reporting bureaus to remove negative information, you should also be actively demonstrating positive financial habits that can lead to better outcomes in your financial future.

Raising your credit score

You will need to have an actual credit history for bureaus to report on if you hope to raise your credit score into the lower risk categories. If you’re just starting out, there are several ways to begin building your credit. You can contact a company such as BoostMyScore that specializes in the addition of Authorized User credit tradelines to your credit report, which can drastically and immediately improve your credit score.

If you’ve already established a credit history but have made some missteps along the way, it’s important to act now. After you’ve completed the process of credit repair, you can get a credit boost by contacting BoostMyScore at 1-800-531-1472. BoostMyScore can help you build a positive credit history by adding you as an authorized user to a credit account that has an impeccable record.

By becoming an authorized user on a credit account with a low balance and perfect payment history, credit bureaus will soon detect positive items on your credit report that can increase your credit score and your potential for loan approvals. Using BoostMyScore combined with making timely monthly payments and maintaining a low debt-to-credit ratio can slowly but surely help you rebuild your credit.

Credit repair is a complex process that takes time and effort. Fortunately, there is a great deal of information and resources available for people who have made mistakes. Monitoring your credit report and contacting the credit bureaus to remove any negative information is extremely important, but forming positive habits, such as paying bills on time and making smart financial decisions, can lead to positive financial outcomes.

Finished credit repair and still need help to boost your score? Check out the credit tradelines simulator or contact a credit expert at BoostMyScore today @ 1-800-531-1472! Just ask our thousands of customers how we helped them boost their credit score fast!

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