How to Boost Your Credit Score Quickly and for Free

One of the best ways to quickly boost a credit score is to become an authorized user on another person’s credit card. By piggybacking on the account of someone else who has a credit card with impeccable history, the person can benefit from the credit limits and credit history associated with that card. The best part is this credit score boost is free, if you can do it through friends and family. If not, BoostMyScore can fill the role using our enormous inventory of tradelines. There are a few things you need to know before being added as an authorized User to someone else’s credit card account.

Does the card have a perfect payment history?

First, the credit card must have a perfect payment history. This means no missed or late payments for the entire history of the credit card account. If it has a stellar payment history, the added authorized user should be able to see the consistent payment history appear in their credit report within a month of being added to the card.

A balance of less than 10% of the credit limit is ideal for boosting your credit

Second, it’s also important to know the balance owed on the card you are being added to as an Authorized User. A card with a balance of 10% or less of the credit limit is an ideal match. BoostMyScore can add an authorized user on credit cards in its inventory; one with a consistently low balance so a client’s credit score can improve.

Older accounts are better for boosting your score

Next, another factor to consider is how long the credit card account has been open. In most cases, the debtor should only become an authorized user on accounts that have been open for longer than two years. However, the longer the credit history is, the greater the impact it can have on a score.

Trust is important

As the person considers how to boost a credit score quickly and for free, it’s important to have open and honest conversations with friends and family about committing to improving credit. Credit cards and debt are very personal topics, so you should only consider using this free method to boost your credit score with trustworthy people.

While everyone makes mistakes, it’s often the support and kindness of others or knowledgeable sources that help people move on from the past and look toward a better financial future.

Call BoostMyScore today

When a credit score is less than perfect, BoostMyScore has a way to remedy the situation with a long-used strategy and expert customer service. It can advise, educate and help push people toward their goals. BoostMyScore specializes in adding a person with a poor credit history as an authorized user to the credit cards in its inventory.

With more than 11 years in business, BoostMyScore is a small team of highly trained credit advisers who are very customer-focused. The team works closely together, keeps regular work hours, and wants to help a person in need of an excellent credit score.

Friends or family can always help but purchasing a tradeline from BoostMyScore is fool-proof. Its doors are open to anyone who needs help in improving a credit score. It’s easy to reach BoostMyScore at 1-800-531-1472. It will provide a comprehensive credit assessment and a discussion on how it can help boost a score.