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How long does it take for the tradelines to appear on my credit report?

BoostMyScore guarantees that our tradelines will appear on at least one of your three credit reports in less than 60 days from the First Estimated Monthly Reporting Date, or we will give you all your money back. Typically, tradelines appear in your credit report in less than 30 days; most of the time it takes just a week or two after the First Estimated Monthly Reporting Date.

More specifically, tradelines usually take a couple days to pop up on Experian®, and then a couple more for Transunion®. Equifax® is typically the slowest to report the tradeline, but you should see it appear on all three of your credit reports within 7 days of the First Estimated Monthly Reporting Date. Be sure to write down that date, because if the tradelines you buy are not on your credit reports within 7 days of the First Estimated Monthly Reporting Date, then you need to let us know right away so we can correct whatever error was made by the primary cardholder when they first added you as an Authorized User to their card.

No matter what, though, we guarantee this tradeline will post to your credit report within the promised time frame. If not, we will give you all your money back.

If you need more clarification, then simply call us at 1-800-531-1472. We are here to help.

Bill Airy

About the Author:

Bill Airy is the CEO and Founder of BoostMyScore. For over 12 years he has helped American consumers get a second chance at a better financial life by helping them to improve their credit score. He regularly publishes helpful content on this Blog to educate others about Credit Scores and best practices when trying to improve them.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions:

How big of a boost can I expect from piggybacking tradelines?

The boost is different for everyone. It all depends on what is currently in your credit report and what you choose to purchase from us. The easiest way to answer this question is to say that there are three “Truths” to boosting your credit score through this method.

  1. The more credit cards we add to your credit report, the bigger the boost will be.
  2. The fewer the number of credit cards that you currently have in your credit report showing as open, the bigger the boost will be.
  3. The higher the limit, and the longer the history for the card(s) you choose to add to your credit report, the bigger the boost will be.
Do you work on business credit?

All our Authorized User trade lines are personal credit cards. While we cannot help build your business credit profile, building your personal credit first can be a huge help in obtaining business credit.

Also, keep in mind that business accounts typically only report to the business reporting agencies, Dunn & Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax Business, and not to the personal credit reporting agencies (ExperianTransUnion, and Equifax), and therefore do not help your personal FICO® score.

Now that my credit score is boosted, what do I do?

Go out and apply for your loan, apply for the job you wanted, or for premium car or home owners’ insurance! Start your own business! But whatever you do, remember one thing, this is not a ticket for a shopping spree. Be responsible with your new credit score. Be smart. Plan ahead and stick to your plan. It is very easy to succumb to the temptations of the credit world, but it is those of us who can manage our emotions with self-control and logical reasoning who will become masters of our financial future.

Remember, a good credit customer is one who can pay off their ENTIRE balance in full every month. Practice this and it will repay you for the rest of your life.

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