Based on our experience, once your status as an Authorized User with the credit card company has been removed, one of three things can happen:

  1. the authorized user tradeline that appeared on your credit report can disappear, completely removing any benefit you may have had previously.
  2. the tradeline will remain on your credit report, but the status of the account as it appears in your credit report will change from “Open” to “Terminated” or “Closed”, which removes the benefit you had from the available credit limit. The credit score benefit you were previously receiving from the tradeline’s payment history may remain in this case.
  3. the tradeline will sit stagnant on your credit report with no new information reported. In this case you may continue to benefit from both the credit limit, as well as the payment history. But as time goes on without any new information reported, that positive history may likely be reduced in value to the credit score.

If you need the credit boost for longer than our minimum 60-day time period, be sure to ask us for a lease extension.