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Earn Passive Income from the Good Credit History You Worked so Hard to Achieve

How it works

We pay Card Holders — just like you — a fee for adding our clients as Authorized Users (AU) to their credit cards. The AU never has any access to spend money on your account – they don’t know who you are – and they are paying strictly for the benefit of seeing your credit card’s payment history appear in their credit report.

You see, when you add someone to your card as an Authorized User (AU), the credit card company essentially copies and pastes the history for your credit card into their credit report, and it looks like your card has been in their credit report since you first opened the account.

The effect is an immediate boost to the AU’s credit score. Here is article from ABC News that talks a bit about it.

Earn money as a BoostMyScore Card Holder

How to start earning Money with your Credit Cards today:

We do all the heavy lifting for you. We find buyers, background check them to prevent frauds, collect the money and send you your comissions.
Absolutely worry and stress free.

#1: Apply to become a Card Holder

Just click on the "Get Started now" Button below and fill out the Card Holder Information Form

#2: Schedule an Introductory Call

Someone from our team will call you to make sure that the program is a great fit for both of us

#3: Review your Comission Projection

One of our specialists will conduct an in-depth review of your available cards and provide you with an income projection

#4: Sign the Agreement

Sign up to be an exclusive Card Holder for BoostMyScore by logging in to your unique Portal and signing the Agreement to Provide Credit Renting Services

#5: Start earning passive Income

Sit back and wait for the money to come to you with minimal effort

How Much Profit Can I Make?

The amount of money you can earn depends on the credit limit and age of your Credit Cards and the Banks they are issued by. Our processes have been carefully tested over thousands of users and years to maximize your monthly income while minimizing your risk.

See for yourself how much you could earn:

$ 240

per month *

* Disclaimer: We make this Tool available to give you an idea of potential earnings and under no circumstances can guarantee those earnings. After you have submitted the Cardholder Application Form one of our specialists will asses your individual situation and give you a realistic earning estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Can I Earn?

Cardholders can make anywhere from $25 to $300 for each person they add as an authorized user to their credit card, and each credit card has anywhere from 3 total available AU spots up to 10, meaning that on average they could make upwards of $1,000 per month, PER CARD, depending on the credit limit and payment history of the card they hold. The smallest amount made by a Cardholder last year was $2,800, and the highest paid Cardholder in our program made $48,000 for the year. The more cards a Cardholder has in our program, the higher the limit, and the longer the payment history, the more money they can make. In some situations, we will consider paying a higher premium for cards that have exceptionally high limits and age. Please speak with us for more information on these types of accounts.

How do you qualify someone to become a Cardholder?
  • A Cardholder must have at least one credit card with a perfect payment history (no late payments).
  • The credit card(s) must be at least 6 months old.
  • The Cardholder must maintain regular activity on their account, and never have a balance of more than 10% of the available credit limit on their credit card(s).
  • A cardholder must be able to add someone to their card within 48 hours of email notification that they have a new client.
What is the required role for Cardholders?
  • Every credit card account in our program must be used regularly, but must always maintain a balance of less than 10% of the available credit card limit. Just use them to buy a tank of gas every couple months and pay the balance in full as soon as the bill comes in the mail. Something needs to be owed on the account at least once per month.
  • If a balance is over 10%, it must be paid down before the credit card’s reporting date, which is listed on your credit report with TrueCredit.com, and is not necessarily the due date of your payment.
  • Allow a small balance to report each month to ensure that your credit card company reports the activity as expected. If the credit card history for your account is not reported for an Authorized User that has been added to your account, then you do not get paid for that addition until and if it does.
  • Once a client has paid us for the service, signed and returned the contract, and we have validated their information to be accurate and true, our system will automatically send an email to the Cardholder with instructions on how to securely view the new client’s personal data (SSN, DOB, and name) on a secure page on our web site. The Cardholder will then call their credit card Issuing Bank, and add the client(s) as authorized user(s) to their credit card(s) no more than 48 hours later than receipt, but before each individual credit card’s reporting date. Do NOT print the client’s sensitive information or copy it anywhere outside of the secure web site, as doing so can create an unnecessary security risk.
  • Immediately following the addition of the AU to the credit card account, please reply to our email to let us know that the addition is complete.
  • Within 7-10 business days, the Issuing Bank will mail a physical credit card directly to the credit card’s billing address with the name of the client (Authorized User) and the account number on the front of the card. The Cardholder must fax or email a copy of the credit card with the authorized user name displayed, making certain to remove the 16 digit account number and 4 digit expiration date prior to sending.  Verification with each client that the history for your credit card has reported to their credit report is required before payment is made to the Cardholder.
  • The Operations Manager will inform the Cardholder when they can remove an authorized user from the credit card, and will then send over new clients to be added, and the whole process starts all over again.
What are the potential risks to Cardholders?

Making money off your credit cards is extremely easy and it almost sounds too good to be true, but of course, as it is with anything of financial benefit, there is a risk.  The only known risk to our Cardholders is the slight chance that the credit card company figures out that you, the Cardholder, are making money off of your credit card(s) and the credit card company may do one of two things: 1) close the credit card account, or 2) leave it open, but disallow the Cardholder to add any more authorized users to it.

Over the last several years, BoostMyScore.com has become increasingly good at learning the trip hazards in the banks’ computer systems, and we are extremely good at avoiding them, which tends to keep our Cardholders’ credit card accounts free from repercussion. As an overall average, the first possibility only happens to about 15% of our credit cards, while the second situation happens to only about 5% of all of the credit cards in our program.

If a Cardholder is worried about the possibility of their credit card being closed by the bank, we suggest that they apply for a new credit card when they sign up for our program.  If the card in our program is closed, the Cardholder will then have an alternate credit card to use if they need to, and could potentially begin selling the new card in our program, as well. Nonetheless, you must be comfortable with the risk of your card being closed by the bank.

The histories of credit card accounts that have been closed continue to be calculated into the credit score, even if the account is closed, prompting little to no effect on the Cardholders’ credit score/report. However, if the Cardholder is carrying revolving debt on other credit cards, and has an account closed, their “overall utilization ratio” will be impacted, which could lead to a lower credit score.

Either way, our current Cardholders unanimously agree that monthly cash flow is more valuable than simply having that one credit card. While replacing a credit card is easy, the cash you earn from BoostMyScore.com certainly is not.

What types of credit cards is BoostMyScore looking for?
  1. Citi Bank
  2. Barclays/Juniper Bank (US Airways/Frontier Airlines)
  3. USAA
  4. Federal Credit Unions
  5. Capital One
  6. Bank of America
  7. Discover
  8. And several others… contact us to find out more!
Is this Ethical?

Considering the various ways banks and the credit card, credit scoring, and credit reporting industries have ensnared the American consumer in their web of control, it is hard to believe that using their system, and playing by their rules to place each of us in a more equitable financial position, is anything but ethical. Click the links below, and then decide for yourself.

Is this Legal?

While BoostMyScore does not offer legal advice or opinions to determine if tradelines are legal (we aren’t lawyers) , we have located extensive evidence to show it is not illegal. In an effort to better educate the FTC and the Colorado Attorney General, BoostMyScore has provided information about our business practices. We have also sought the opinions of several lawyers, none of whom found the tradeline piggybacking practice to violate the law.

You don’t have to take our word for it; just take a look at this article from ABC News.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in becoming a Cardholder, please fill out the form and let us know what cards you own that you would be interested in selling. Our company owner or Operations Manager will contact you directly within 24 hours.

After filling out the above mentioned form, and if we are interested in the cards you have to offer us, we will then send you a contract and tax form W-9 to read through, sign, and return.

We will spend about 30-45 minutes on the phone educating you on how the system works, your responsibilities, and how you get paid.

Once you are comfortable and understand how the process works, we will add your credit card(s) to our list and start selling spots on it. It’s that simple!

Still have questions? Schedule an appointment to speak with us.

Got a Question with no answer? Speak to one of our specialists instead

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What our Card Holders say

You don't have to take our word for it. See what our satisfied Card Holders have to say

Verified Facebook Review
Zach O

When it comes to anything with credit repair I am always skeptical given the large amount of incorrect or incomplete information out on the internet. I own a credit repair business and have done all types of business and personal funding and asked some very hard questions when I initially reached out to them. Tommy was amazing and most importantly he was so honest and didn't try to fluff anything up. I actually learned a lot from him about credit and authorized users. I started working with them by adding individuals to my cards and I can tell you the checks are real :) This team of people are impeccable with their word and always follow through with what they say when they say it. I would recommend Tommy and his team to anyone looking to work with someone in this industry.

Zach O.
Verified Facebook Review
Kirk B

Ive been working with Phillip at boostmyscore for the past few days to set up my cardholder account. he has really been one of the most professional people I could ever hope to encounter. 11stars out of 10! thanks very much.

Kirk B.

We'll keep you safe

We've gone to great lengths over the years to learn how to keep our Card Holders as safe as possible. Meaning that we will always give our best effort to maximize your earnings while minimizing your risk.

While other Tradeline Companies might pay higher commissions they rarely have enough experience to avoid triggering the banks' computer systems which puts you in danger of having your card shut down. We have over 12 years of experience in this industry and are the only company that knows exactly how to minimize your risk and keep you making more money for longer. We do this by carefully assessing your situation and allocating our immense demand for tradelines to fill up as many of your authorized user slots as possible, every single month.

Bill Airy Founder & CEO, BoostMyScore

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